Low density sheet process benefits

Low Density Products are typically defined as those with a Density between 25 kg/m3 and 400 kg/m3 (1.5 – 25 lbs/ft3)

MuCell Extrusion technology brings outstanding physical property performance and aesthetics through its microcellular foam structure.

MuCell products feature a microcellular foam structure with cell diameters less than 100 microns, in many cases 10-20 microns which is up to 10 times more cells per unit of volume than traditional offerings. The benefit to designers and users is a stronger and better looking finished product.

FFS – Form Fill Seal
Construction and Architecture
Signs and Graphics
Seals and Gaskets

High density sheet process benefits

The MuCell Microcellular High Density Flat Sheet process (HDFT) allows manufacturers to maintain superior surface appearance and physical properties while significantly reducing material consumption (20-40% material savings).

MuCell offers a customized, engineered package for converting your existing single or multi-layer sheet line to produce microcellular foam sheet using traditional single screw or twin screw extruders. Uniform gauge and density control are capable with thickness up to 5mm.