Product Benefits

The films and sheets produced by the technology are lighter, greener and cheaper than traditionally manufactured equivalents, yet with the same performance as solid product!

Feather Light

Lighter Lighter

Products manufactured using MUCELL Microcellular Extrusion Solutions typical need 15-20% less polymer than those using traditional extrusion technologies.
Thanks to the enhanced mechanical properties when compared to other foamed material, with MuCell technology, customers are able to use less polymers yet still achieve the same performance as solid product.

Green Leaves

Lighter Greener

MUCELL has many positive environmental benefits over traditional techniques. As nothing but atmospheric gases are added to the foamed polymer, harmful emissions are avoided, recycling these pure materials is easy and cost effective. As the technology reduces plastics used at the source, its widespread adoption could significantly reduce the volume of oil derived plastics used.

In addition to reduced plastic consumption and the point of manufacture, MUCELL delivers reduced fossil fuel usage as a result of the weight reduction derived from microfoaming of the finished parts.

Image With Money

Lighter Lower Cost

The substantial material weight-saving achieved by the use of MuCell technology enables customers to make significant cost savings on each part produced. This results in a product margin optimisation and increased profit for businesses.

In many cases, the savings made thanks to our technology enable customers to be competitive on the market while enhancing their profit.

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