Mucell Cloud

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The MuCell Cloud is a web based data acquisition and display service supplied to Licensees by MuCell Extrusion

The data is automatically collected from the gas control unit. The unit’s data is relayed to a ‘MuCell Cloud’ where the data can be accessed on the world-wide-web by web accessible remote devices.

No special software is required.

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Any variable that is monitored can be displayed on the cloud web page.
Barrel extension

Outputs come in the form of:

  • Overview of current line conditions and customized summaries of run time by time/date stamp.

  • Customizable summaries of line conditions and totals by time/date stamp.

  • Visually charted trending of variables by time/date stamp.

  • Side-by-side chart/data comparisons of variables between production lines (even if located in different countries).

  • Change log

  • Ability to import raw data files (.CSV).

  • Data is Exportable to Excel

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