Low Density

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Low Density Products are typically defined as those products with a Density Greater than 25 kg/m3 and less than 400 kg/m3 (1.5 – 25 lbs/ft3). MuCell Extrusion technology brings outstanding physical property performance and aesthetics through its microcellular foam structure. MuCell products feature a microcellular foam structure with cell diameters less than 100 microns, in many cases 10-20 microns which is up to 10 times more cells per unit of volume than traditional offerings. The benefit to designers and users is a stronger and better looking finished product. From an environmental standpoint, MuCell Extrusion foams use atmospheric gases (CO2 or N2) rather than using a chemical reaction or hydrocarbon (HC)-based expansion agents. The technology is cleaner, less expensive to produce and does not require the added investment and risk associated with handling, storing and utilizing environmentally unsound, flammable Hydrocarbons.

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